Learning Never Ceases

May 9, 2016

Motivation Monday: graduation & learning

I graduate on Friday. I can’t believe I am finally getting to say that. This day is 27 years in the making. I never gave up; I just had to wait for the timing to be right. I’m still waiting for grades to come in for the final two classes I took this semester, but I have high hopes of graduating with a 4.0 at UNT.  Combined with my earlier college courses I am graduating Magna Cum Laude. I just love that my children are learning through my experience that  you are never to old to work towards your dream.

Take Learning Seriously

I believe anytime we have to learn something new we should take it seriously. It shows respect to those who are taking the time to teach and it shows respect to those who support you as you pursue your learning endeavours. Treat knowledge like a gift to treasure. No one can make you take your education seriously.  You have to do it on your own.

Let Others See Your Love of Learning

It is inspiring to see other peoples’ passion for learning.  It makes me strive to do greater things myself when I see other’s pursuing their passions.  And it doesn’t have to be formal learning. Who are you inspiring today?

Never Stop Learning

Looking beyond a formal education, we have learning opportunities our entire lives. Take advantage of them.  There is life on the internet beyond social media.  Pinning on Pinterest is fun, but look beyond the pretty pictures and go read the articles.  There is some fantastic information out there.  Learn to art journal, learn a new cooking method, or pursue a new hobby. If you never finished your formal education and it is still a dream of yours begin exploring your opportunities.  I had limitations in that I could not attend traditional classes, but I didn’t let that stop me.  I looked at online programs from several State Universities and other Online Universities before making a final decision.  What passion will you pursue?

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