Hold that Rope

April 11, 2016

Motivation Monday: Hold that Rope

It is probably a fair to say that people don’t like to do things that cause them pain. It makes sense, right?  I know there are exceptions to this general rule, but overall we tend to run from pain.  We are at a place in society, however, in which we have taken it a step further and like to avoid any type of discomfort. I would counter this current trend by saying that in our efforts to avoid discomfort we also miss opportunities for growth. Sometimes instead of holding on tight to the rope, we give up way too easy and just let go. Instead of giving up, I personally like Roosevelt’s advice to tie a knot and hold on.

Rope Burn Hurts

I’m not going to lie, rope burn hurts. Sometimes it pushes you to the edge of discomfort to the brink of pain. So what does this look like outside of gym class and out in the real world? It looks a lot like a project that we have no idea how to start, let alone finish. It looks like a class assignment that seems beyond our knowledge and capabilities. It looks like a relationship that is in a crisis. It is important that we realize that just because something is difficult or makes us uncomfortable doesn’t mean we stop holding on and let go.

Move Past the Discomfort

It is time that we move past the discomfort. Doing this might push us straight through our personal glass ceiling opening new opportunities that we never imagined possible. It is then that we are either able to learn from our mistakes or achieve greatness.  Either way, we learn and grow.  We just have to allow ourselves to experience the discomfort we are feeling so that we can push past it and keep climbing.

Hold on Tight

Realistically there will be times that we feel too weary to continue.  I am in my final semester of my bachelor’s program and I am so weary. So very, very weary.  I am currently holding on tight. I am able to hold on because I recognize that the reward for me is busting through a personal glass ceiling.

Rewards in Exchange for Rope Burns

It will be worth the rope burns (ie. long nights of homework, missing out on fun because I have to study). It is only because I moved past the discomfort and hold on tight that I will finally achieve this dream and move on to phase two as I begin my master’s program.

What rope burns have you been rewarded for?

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